millwork in the making

Are you tired of the built-in taking up space in your home? Are you neglecting it because you are embarrassed of how it looks or just have days that you want to rip it all out and start over?  Custom built-ins and millwork can come with a surprising price tag involved.
Don't have the budget but want to do something different? 

I saw hope. I saw character. I saw saving money $$.
With the cabinets being made of real wood - most of all, I saw value.
I wanted to find a way to keep these built-ins a part of the home renovation without
them looking dated or out of place.
So we went to work...

I had  my construction team wire the area above the fire place and dry wall it off that way a  TV could be placed inside and it become a functioning space. I also decided to add beautiful crown molding to the top to give a nice finished look. We replaced the hardware and painted the cabinets, giving them a beautiful gloss finish. I purposely left the brick on the fireplace exposed due to its original composition and character. I was captivated...  

The next time you are thinking there is no hope for the space, think again! ;-) 





Hi & welcome :)

Hi and thank you for being patient as I begin my blog.
This is a long time coming and the time is finally here! My goal was to start a blog well over a year ago while Sean and I lived in Atlanta but I just did not have the time or the tools to be able to.  The reason for my blog is to be able to share memories, photos, design projects, dreams, goals and everything in between. I am excited to be able to share these things with all of you. As for now, I will be coming up with my first blog post about the remodel home I just completed in Drewry Hills (which by the way, turned out beautiful and is for sale!!). It is located inside the beltline in the heart of Raleigh! 

Excited to journey together!

Much love,


Hannah Lee