Finding the right color paint ...

The color in a room can make or break it. This is what sets the tone for the space that you are in. It is important to select the right color paint. This can be very frustrating to do, thinking you have the right color only until you paint it all over the walls to find out that it is blue instead of gray. This concept goes for any color. Color is very touchy. There are many factors when considering paint colors and that is why I am here to help you. If you see a color that you love and you think that it will work well in your space, be careful not to think  it is a "one color fits all." We must ask ourselves questions such as, "Where is this paint going?" or "What kind of application are we going to put on the walls?"  Some of you have asked what colors I have used in my previous pictures. This would be easy for me to say but would if we stop and think about it, would it be the correct color selected for your space?

I would love to help you select your paint colors and help your space transition
into a beautiful flow throughout your home.
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