I have taken a little bit of time to enjoy my new and I must say, gorgeous coffee table before sharing it with you all.  I want to share with you how this table came into existence.  
Grab a cup of coffee and prepare to meet Mr. Carrera...

I have been working in the design industry and at various times I have come across some cool samples ranging in all different categories. It was in late 2014 that I brought home this piece of marble. I had no idea on earth what I wanted to do with it but I know I wanted to do something with it or create something unique (again, no idea where to start).  

This summer, a group of us decided to take a beach trip to Wilmington for the day. In this group was another creative individual who works in the same industry as me (design/ architecture / product design). Y'all - I hit the jackpot with this one. The marble had met its match!

David Bulzan, owner of Raleigh Design House immediately took it to the design board (the sand) and started sketching out ideas that would be fabulous. We sketched, erased, and sketched some more.  David sketched more ideas on a napkin at a local restaurant.
As designers, when we have an idea - anything will work to show an idea!

After some time of strategic planning and design, layout & materials - we pulled the trigger. David created the most beautiful coffee table that is one of a kind.  He used 125 year old wood and cut it perfectly to fit in line with the marble. The construction of my table was well designed and thought out. The metal legs were hand welded and designed to hold the wood & marble in place.  The herringbone pattern surrounding the marble is cut perfectly!

I am on cloud 9 with my new coffee table.
I know it is now a piece of my home that will go with me wherever we go.
I know that Mr. Carrera will be, one day, an heirloom in my family.